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What is Day1?

Day 1 is a community of founders and CEOs who are passionate about Employee Success.

To build a successful business, you need the right people with the right skillset. You also need them to balance their time between meaningful work that drives the business toward its goal and acquiring the skills they need to grow and be successful.

In other words, you need a deliberate strategy for Employee Success.

In this community, you will meet like-minded business leaders who understand that true business potential can be unlocked only if employees are successful.

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Infrequently Asked Questions

What is Employee Success?

Employee Success (ES) is an approach to running your business where employees across business functions are aligned with, and successful at, achieving their piece of the business goal. They have a clear line of sight from their work to business impact, and get all the tools and resources they need to be successful at helping the business reach its north star goal.

We feel that Employee Success is a key prerequisite to business success.

ES cannot exist in a silo. It has to be collectively owned by the business leader, the HR leader, and the IT leader. The CEO needs to evangelize the philosophy and drive a culture of ES, the CHRO needs to bring in the right people and processes, and the CIO needs to operationalize ES with the right products.

Employee-centric organizations often have teams and functions dedicated to ES. Their job is to champion the ES mindset and enable business functions to help their employees grow, thrive, and be successful.

Why is it required? Why is it critical for the business?

Businesses can set lofty goals and even zero in on a viable strategy. Where most businesses fail is execution. They can’t achieve their goals unless they have the right people with the right set of skills. ES needs to be involved right at the goal-setting phase and work closely with leaders across business functions to enable them to achieve their piece of the overall business goal.

They provide strategic partnership and counseling/guidance to functional leaders. This includes identifying the skills and knowledge required to achieve the goals and helping them close the skill gap via training, talent acquisition, or both. It’s important to note that they may not be responsible for the tactical recruitment process or the technical L&D.

We're already driving EX programs. Do we really need ES?

Employee experience, like customer experience, is a fuzzy term.

When we say CX, do we mean the website design or the product UI? Are we referring to the experience with the sales rep or how seamless the onboarding or data migration was?

In contrast, ‘Customer Success’ is highly concrete. Most companies have dedicated Customer Success Managers and Customer Success Teams/Functions. CS folks have specific goals measured through specific metrics.

This has happened over a long time. Companies like Gainsight have spent the better part of the last decade evangelizing Customer Success and making it a common practice within organizations.

Our goal is for Employee Success to be equally ubiquitous. This has to start at the top and cascade down.

What would it take for Employee Success professionals to be successful?

The problem ES teams need to solve is too systemic for one person or team to tackle in a bubble. It needs to be a top-down drive backed by the CEO and executed in close collaboration with the leaders of the different functions.

As the business leader, you need to evangelize a culture of Employee Success in your company. What the ES lead will do is champion the mindset and manage everything from planning to operational execution. We’ll have a lot of discussions and resources for your ES champion around rallying different functions and driving employee success.

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